The Piccadilly Line part 9…….a love story

Hey there! Check out part 8 here  and start from the beginning of the love story here.

It was like walking through Gatsby’s mansion. Nick held my hand as he showed me round. The large doors, beautiful light-filled rooms, the modern furniture and the music. Music filled every room, every alcove, every crevice.

After around 10 minutes we reached his room. It was plain. The sort of thing you would expect a mathematicians room to look like. Clean. There was a gorgeous double bed with black silk and gold lace sheets, a glass desk, a chair, a magnetic marker  board, a wardrobe and a night stand. The desk was neat but had papers strewn across it. The room felt impersonal. However the walls were white, but plastered in tickets to concerts, photos, certificates. Memories. ‘It’s lovely.’ I said taking it all in. ‘Thanks. I like to keep it tidy and plain. It makes it easier to think.’ Nick replied.

My feet were starting to hurt so I sat down on the bed. And he sat down next to me and we kissed. Somehow when we were together I felt complete. Like a better person. After a while I just lay next to him. I loved to listen to his breathing. So pure, so simple. ‘It’s an interesting world I live in, but somehow it’s more beautiful when you are part of it. You make things better and I don’t want that to change.’ Nick said calmly. ‘I know we have only been going out a week, I barely know you and this is only our second date, but I think I’m in love with you.’ I trusted Nick, I liked him and I think I loved him too. ‘I think I’m in love with you too’ I said.

After a while we got up and went back to the party. We danced a little. And then Nick did something unbelievably sweet. He got up onto the band stand and held the microphone. ‘This is for Charlie!’ And then the band played one of my favorite songs – Say Something. He proceed to sing. And he wasn’t bad at all. But after four lines, he pulled me up onto the band stand and I sang Christine Aguilera’s bit. People just watched and smiled. No body made any sound. After we finished we got a massive applause, and a lot of whistling.

I stayed over at his house. By the time I was ready to go home it was too late. I texted my mum to let her know. She understood and she was OK with it.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of cooked pastry. My hair was mental, so I put it up in a half bun, and grabbed his shirt and put it on. It covered enough of my flesh, but I put on some underwear just in case. ‘Where you going?’ Nick had woken up just as I was about to satisfy my appetite. ‘I’m going to go and grab some breakfast. I’m starving, I only ate mini party food last night.’ And so Nick got up and came downstairs with me.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

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