The Piccadilly Line part 8…….a love story

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She had his eyes. The same piercing green. She was talking to a man, who had his arm around her waist and therefore I deduced was her husband. ‘You ready?’ Nick asked, pulling me from my thoughts. ‘ Yeah. Who’s that?’ I said pointing to the woman I had been looking at earlier. She was pretty, but not in the obvious-boobs-out-college-girl kind of pretty. The mature kind of pretty; she looked around 45. ‘That’s my mum. Do you wanna’ meet her?’ Nick asked. ‘Um, ok.’ I replied.

We got out of the car and I took in the view. There was a red carpet into the house, which was filled with men and women, all of whom were dressed in gowns and tuxedos. The house itself was beautiful. It appeared to be 18th century, but well updated and looked after. We walked over to his mother – and presumably father – and Nick introduced us. ‘Mum, dad this is Charlotte.’ Nick said. I noticed he used my full name – which worried me a little. ‘It is lovely to meet you my darling. Our Nicky hasn’t stopped talking about you. You met in London, I believe?’ And so came on the round of questioning and small talk by Nick’s parents. They were lovely people and they seemed to enjoy my company. ‘Nick, why don’t you go and introduce Charlotte to Jonathan? I’m sure he would like an introduction.’ Said Nick’s father in a stern tone. Nick didn’t seem particularly close to his father, he hadn’t spoken a word to him since we arrived.

‘My parent’s seem to really like you.’ Nick said as soon as we were out of ear shot. ‘That’s good to know. They are lovely people.’ I replied in a kind of whisper. ‘We don’t have to go see my brother. It’s no big deal, my dad just wanted to talk to his work colleagues, he doesn’t actually care that much.’ Nick said. ‘ No I would like to meet him. You never mentioned him, so I feel as though I should get to know him a little.’ I replied.

We kissed and then Nick looked around to find Jonathan. ‘There he is. You stay here, I will bring him over.’ And so Nick wandered off into a crowd of men. And after about half a minute out came Nick, followed by Jonathan. Jonathan looked older than Nick, but by only a few years. He had their mothers eyes but apart from that there was little resemblance. Jonathan resembled their father; fair hair, square face, big-ish nose and was tall – around 6’4”. Nick on the other hand resembled their mother; green eyes, light brown hair, small nose and was average height – 5’11”. ‘So I hear your Nicks girlfriend. Nice to meet you. Hopefully he will shit up about you soon, no offense. All he ever talk about is you. ”She is so beautiful, she is so funny, blah, blah.” Seriously, he is obsessive.’ Jonathan introduced himself and then kept on talking, leaving little room for a reply. I gathered that he was in his final year of high school, going of to Cambridge next year to study economics and planned to go into investment banking – like his father. He was also some kind of Rugby star at the school the two boys attended.

After a while Jonathan excused himself to go and talk to – what I can only describe as – a group of English frat boys. ‘Do you want to have a look around the house?’ Nick said with a cheeky smile. ‘Yes.’ I said one eyebrow raised.

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