The Piccadilly Line part 7…….a love story

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‘It’s beautiful.’ Inside the box was a dress. The most beautiful dress I had ever seen. Black with gorgeous white lace; it was long and silky. Inside the box there was also a pair of gorgeous plain black heels, which on closer inspection turned out to be Chanel. I was shocked. ‘Who would have sent me….Oh my god.’ And then I texted him:

Did you send the dress.

He replied:


I replied:

Ok I guess this has something to do with tomorrow?

He replied:

Yeah. I will pick you at your’s around 6:30pm. Please wear the dress, you will look stunning in it.

And so I texted him my address and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and made the arrangements. My parents where happy for me to go as long as I kept in contact. I also called the local beauty spot and booked one of the girls to come round and do my nails and hair because, to be perfectly honest, this was a big occasion. And also the whole thing came as a free package with a full body wax – I mean who is going to turn that down?

After all the beautification I was ready to go. I got into the dress just as the doorbell rang. ‘Oh sugar! Zip up, zip, zip up.’ I was hoping for my parents to spend as little time with Nick as possible because they knew exactly how to embarrass me. ‘Char, Nick’s here!’ My mothers voice came from downstairs. So I grabbed my purse, lipstick and shoes and ran downstairs.’Wow you look gorgeous!’ My mum said and I started to blush. ‘Well you kids have fun, remember to text me Char.’ And so we left.

We got into the car and the driver sped of. Nick told me his name was Luke and that he had been the family’s chauffeur for years. On the way, Nick also told me that we were going to a charity ball. This ball was held by his father’s company to show there support for some charity that helped children or something. Judging by his tuxedo – which he looked unimaginably hot in – and my dress, it was a posh event. ‘Don’t be freaked out, everyone will love you.’ He said. ‘Nick, may I just point out the obvious. This is our second date. I think it might be a bit early for me to meet everyone.’ I said. It was really starting to dawn on me how little time we had spent together and how little we knew each other. ‘ Chill, it will be fine. Your my girlfriend so therefore they have to like you! Haha!’ Nick said laughing.

The car journey was long, so I rested my head on his chest for most of it. I loved listening to his breathing, it was so clear and perfect. In and out. In and out. Suddenly my phone went off.

Dear Miss Ericson.

Your application to publish with us has been confirmed, and the legal papers and contracts will be couriered over to you tomorrow.

Best regards

Mr Seerman

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ I couldn’t believe it. ‘What is it?’ Nick asked smiling. I think somehow my happiness made him happy too. ‘ My book deal went through. They want me to publish my book with them! Oh lord! Oh my god! I am going to be a published author.’ I said practically screaming. And then he kissed me and we hugged and I just sat there, completely hyped up.

The car drew up outside an enormous house. ‘ Where are we?’ I asked. ‘My place,’ Nick replied. And then I saw her.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

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4 thoughts on “The Piccadilly Line part 7…….a love story

  1. ASHISH NARESH says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm this time i am the first one to comment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, an author, romantic, outgoing girl ,,,,,,,,,,,, want to meet a girl like that in real life ,,,,,,,,,,,,, this is going so beautifully ,,,,,,,,,

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