The Piccadilly Line part 5…….a love story

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Then I twisted the door knob and walked in.

There were 3 boys siting around the huge hotel suite, 1 on a laptop, another on his phone and the last one watching a cricket game on the tv. ‘Nicky, who’s this?’ The largest one said. He had a broad back and an average face with the exception of his eyes which were a piercing green. ‘I’m Charlie, me and Nick met on the train.’ I said. Something about this boy made me want to stand up and be confident. ‘Well I’ll be damned. Nicky got a girl. Poor you darlin’!’ The one sitting watching the TV, sounded rather condescending as he spoke. ‘Guys, can you not. Well Charlie this is James,’ Nick said pointing to the boy who spoke first ‘Colin,’ he said next, pointing to the tv watcher who was still watching us intently,’ and Matt.’ The last of the boys had not looked at us once, since we had entered the room. Then I realized he had his headphones plugged in and was coding – from my experience –  some kind of JavaScript.

‘Nice to meet you all.’ I said. Still curious, I asked.’ So how did you boys commandeer this place, its beautiful.’ James looked rather shocked. ‘ You mean Nicky hasn’t told you.’ And then Nick gave him the kind of look, most women give their enemies. ‘ Nicky, Nicky, Nicky, you have got to tell her sometime.’ Nick remained silent as James went on. ‘Mr Carraway is from a rather wealthy family and when he isn’t attending boarding school in rich-idiots-r-us school, this suite belongs to him.’ Nick started to turn red and began to speak.’ Thanks Gats. Also the suite doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to dad. I just get it sometimes.

‘It’s cool. I’ve never been in one of the suites at the Savoy.’ I said smiling. I couldn’t see why his wealth would be a problem. I liked him and that’s all that mattered. ‘Hey Nick, can you go order us some beers?’ Said Colin. ‘Yeah of course. Charlie do you want anything?’ He asked. ‘Nah, I’m alright.’ I said.

In the few minutes Nick was away, I learned a fair bit about the group. First of all they all called James, Gatsby, because Nick and James had been best friends for a long time, and they found it rather funny that Nick Carraway had a best friend called James. I found out that the reason Nick had to order the beers was that his father allowed a small amount of alcohol to be bought on the family tab, even thought Nick was underage because, frankly he trusted his son to spend his wealth wisely.  I also learned that Colin and Matt went to school with Nick but James did not. They whole group were explaining the incident that lead to his expulsion from their school – Clarrient’s.

‘Well then I decided I wanted out. So I called up a certain friend, shall we say, and bought something to smoke that wasn’t quite a cigarette and met him at the school gates. Then I rolled up and walked into the heads office, throw everything off his desk and started smoking away. Also I was naked through the whole process.’ James sounded like a riot. But he didn’t seem like the kind of guy Nick would hang out with. ‘ They beers will be up in a second,’ Nick walked back in.’ Charlie can I talk to you in my room for a sec?’ ‘Yeah of course.’ And so I followed Nick into his room.

As soon as the door was shut, he looked at me. And then all of a sudden it was happening. His arms around my waist, our lips touching, my hands in his hair. It felt so right. I giggled. ‘I’m making out with a complete stranger, who I have only known for about 5 hours.’ I said. ‘I’m sorry we can stop if you want.’ Nick said as he stared to unwrap himself from my arms. ‘ No I don’t want to. This feels really nice. I think you kinda made me fall in love with you in 3 hours.’ And so we carried on kissing.

‘Holy hell, it’s 8 o’clock. I need to get going.’ I said as I unwrapped myself from the bed sheets and started to get dressed. ‘Ok, I will go with you. Maybe we can pick up some dinner on the way?’ Nick had also jumped out of the bed and was dressing. ‘ Yeah. Look what just happened……..this was….like….my first.’ I said. I almost wanted to cry with embarrassment. ‘Yeah. Me…too.’ Nick looked down at the ground. ‘ Ok lets get going.’

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  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Oh my GOD..especially the last paragraph! Did NOT see that one coming! 🙂 🙂

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