The Piccadilly Line part 4……a love story

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He opened his mouth to speak but then closed it. And then it opened and he said ‘Have you ever been to the Savoy?’ He looked looked guilty and I couldn’t understand why. ‘Yup. I’ve never actually stayed but I have been the theater and had afternoon-tea there.’ I wasn’t quite sure where he was going with this.’ Would you like to go?’ He asked looking even more awkward. ‘Yeah I guess I would. It’s a really beautiful place, I just need some cash to pay for a room I suppose.’ I replied. ‘I meant would you, um, like to go with me now.’ He said looking down at the floor. ‘Are you trying to sleep with me. I am very flattered and somewhat worried.’ I said jokingly as I laughed. ‘No, I mean, I would never, I just. I just thought you might like to see the inside of one of the larger rooms.’ He said very embarrassed. ‘ Yeah why not. I can’t wait to see how you can get into one of the rooms without a booking.’ I said, almost challenging him.  Well, I am a man of many talents.’ He said with a large grin.

Due to the fact I was in heels and the subsequent fact that my feet ached, we took a taxi to the savoy. The whole journey he was smiling away and I just sat there wondering what the hell was going on in his mind. Was he going to try to take me to some exotic country to be a sex worker? Was he going to murder me? Or the slightly more worrying, was he going to try and get above 2nd base with me?

The second we arrived at the Savoy I knew something was up. As we stepped out of the taxi, a porter came rushing over to us. ‘Hello Mr Carraway. Would you please let James know I am will be on my way up with his laundry in 10 minutes.’ The porter seemed to know him well and talked to him calmly. ‘Of course, I will tell him. See you around Marc.’ Nick replied calmly. He took my hand and walked me to the door which ‘Marc’ opened for us. The hotel took my breath away. Just as beautiful as I had remembered. ‘ So your name is Carraway, Nick Carraway. What does that make me? Jordan Baker?’ I said sarcastically. ‘What can I say, my mother loved Gatsby. But I hope our encounters last a little longer and are a little better than Jordan and Nicks.’ He said with a flash of charm. We carried on walking through the lobby toward the lift. We saw the afternoon tea all set out and I started to feel a little under dressed.

The lift was a little bit of a squeeze. It was one of the old lifts that required a little extra lift to get going. As we stepped out of the lift and walked up the small flight of stairs to the room, he stopped. ‘Once you go into that room, you are going to find out a few things about me that might change things. But I don’t want them to. So please don’t let life get in the way of our….’ He said but trailed off at the end. ‘Of our love.’ I said, with knowing eyes.

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