The Piccadilly Line part 3……a love story

Hey there! You can check out part 4 here and start from the beginning here

In the 6 or 7 minutes it took me to walk to the bridge I realized what I was doing. I was meeting up with a stranger. Could he be dangerous? Should I still go?

But it wasn’t dangerous. And I had this feeling in my gut. This strange feeling of familiarity and safety. So I carried on walking. By this time it was nearly 1:00pm and I was starting to feel fairly hungry. I could always stop in at the cafe at The Tate if I’m desperate, I thought to myself.

I walked down from the cathedral towards the bridge and that’s when I recognized him. I recognized his smile. He was holding two cups of some kind of hot beverage and was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. ‘Hey there!’ he said as I approached. ‘Hey there to you too!’ I replied. I was nervous and I think he could see it. ‘Here you go, it’s hot chocolate. I thought that was a safe bet since there is too much choice in the coffee department. Plus I wouldn’t know what to choose because I’m not a coffee person.’ He said handing me the Starbucks cup. It may have been late May, but there was still a chill in the air and the hot chocolate started to warm me straight away. ‘Aw, thanks. I’m not a coffee person either.’ I said, slowly sipping. ‘That’s good to know. I was wondering if you wanted to grab some lunch before we go into the museum. I haven’t had anything yet.’ He said. I was genuinely starving so I couldn’t see the harm in having something to eat. ‘ Yeah, that sounds where do you fancy going?’ I replied. ‘How about Leon. It’s this healthy fast food….’ he tried to say before I cut him off. ‘ I LOVE Leon. The falafel box is amazing.’ And so we went to Leon for lunch.

Even though it was only a ten minute walk to the restaurant, by the time we had reacted it we knew all the important info about one another. Nick told me he had just turned 16, had one older brother, was studying at a nearby private school to my little grammar school, loved cats and was planning to study maths at uni. He was practically my dream guy.

I informed him of my stats. 16 years old, only child, studying at the local grammar school, loved cats too with one called Magic and planning to study computer science at uni.

‘Wow! Computer science. You must be really smart as well as beautiful.’ He said as we walked into Leon. ‘. You are so cheesy, but not really, I not that clever. And your doing maths, so you have got to be really intelligent.’ I replied cheekily. And then we ordered our food and started walking over to the gallery. The food at Leon is delicious but also convenient because you can eat it on the go.

We carried on talking and walking to and around the exhibits for a while. Then just as we rounded a corner Nick turned to me and then……

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


10 thoughts on “The Piccadilly Line part 3……a love story

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Again; I loved it! Can’t wait for part four!
    Oh and he’s such a … What a dream! 🙂 🙂

  2. ASHISH NARESH says:

    simple, beautiful ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i was desperately needing something like this ,,,,,,, please don’t put any tragedy in it ,,,,,,,,,,, just saying take where ever you want to take it ,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am enjoying it

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