How to write……blogs, poems and everything else.

So I have been asked by a friend of mine what my writing process is, so I thought I would share it with you. Yes it seems ridiculously long but I am just a bit special this way.

  1. Prep – Before I even start thinking about writing I make sure I have showered, gone to the loo or just washed my hands so I feel ready and open to think. I always dress in casual, comfy clothes. So if I have come back from school I will change into an old t-shirt or cami and track pants. I can’t think properly if I am uncomfortable. Then I normally load up my laptop and read the news. Then I go threw my Twitter, Facebook and clear all my social networks so I have nothing to distract me.
  2. Inspiration – Once I have cleared my mind I will scroll threw YouTube and watch some videos for inspiration. Some of the best channels I recommend are The Vlogbrothers, PhilipDefranco and Pop Trigger. If I still feel uninspired, I will watch some tv or a documentary on iPlayer. At this point if I still feel sadly uninspired I will log onto WordPress, turn on my playlist and just scroll and enjoy the music.
  3. 1st section – So by this point I normally have a phrase of topic in my head I want to write about. Many of my posts start with a phrase or idea that comes into my mind. So I will normally type the phrase into the content box and just leave the title until until the end. However if I have a topic I normally make that the title.
  4. 2nd section– At this point I find a few songs in my playlist that put me in the mood to write about my topic and then I will just go mental typing. I can more or less touch type but I still look at the keyboard occasionally. Normally at this point I get inspiration for my second post of the night and quickly have to write down my idea.
  5. 3rd section – After I have written my post out I then have to format it. UGHHHHH. To format I add on my end section (the links and motto and my pen name), then I categorize and add tags. To finish I preview the post to check it doesn’t look awful.
  6. Au  Revoir  – Then I publish or schedule my post and say a little prayer that you are all going to like it. I normally sit anxiously for 30 minutes waiting for someone to point out a massive flaw. Once I have published or scheduled a post I will check threw all my notifications and reply to comments and make comments/like on other peoples posts.
  7. Feedback – Normally I upload at 6pm or 7pm so the majority of likes and comments come just before bed, so I read and reply to comments and have a happy moment every time someone likes a post.

Check out the playlist I mentioned – Playlist

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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