Short Thought……..I’m blindfolded

Hey there. So recently I have been writing a lot of poetry which I love, but sometimes I don’t feel in the mood for the format of poetry. So I have come up with a new style of writing – Short Thoughts. They are essentially poetry but in a more short story like format. Please enjoy 🙂

I dream about you every night. Sometimes we kiss but mostly we just sit with each other, just happily existing, just being together. Your skin is warm on mine and I just sit listening to your heartbeat.

But then I have to wake up. And you are gone. And it hurts, like a dagger to my gut. Its like I have known you forever. It feels so real. And now the lines between reality and dreams are crossing. And I can’t help falling in love with you.

My heart is locked away and you have the key. I long for us to meet and for me to know you and you to know me and for this endless love story to be played out.

It’s like I’m blindfolded. I’m walking through life blindfolded. Until I find you and you unwrap the metaphorical blindfold. For I am living in a blacked out world with a blacked out heart. And you are there with your bright heart and bright world. Ready to change it all.


Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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