Religion and Faith… beliefs

Quick note to start this post. This post is just my opinion, and in no way am I trying to offend anyone. These are my views please respect them as I respect yours.

I am not religious. I don’t believe there is a God or Gods. But I hate calling myself an Atheist. The word Atheist makes me and a lot of people think of someone who hates religion and anyone who is religious. But that isn’t me at all. One of my favorite subject to study has always been religion and ethics. I love religion and I think that everyone has a right to believe whatever they want.

Why don’t I believe? I don’t know really. I think its probably because I never got that feeling when some talked about their religion. I never got the feeling in my stomach when I know that I want something, or in this case want to be part of something. I love hearing what people have to say about their beliefs but I never found a beliefs system that mirrored how I thought. Also, I have had bad experiences with religion in the past. After becoming more involved with  their faith a particular family member  of mine changed for the worse. However I know that 99% of the time this isn’t the case, but this experience has put me off religion in a way.

What do I believe? I believe that the world came into existence without a God being involved, but there is potential that a God could have been involved. I believe that we each have our own set of morals that we need to decide for ourselves and do our best to stick by. I believe everyone is equal, no matter what their gender, race or age.I believe that when we die, we are gone. I know that our bodies disintegrate. But in truth I don’t know what happens to whatever is left. We are all made of cells that have a flexible life span. But I know we can’t live forever, and frankly I wouldn’t want to. I feel like there is something left over, some kind of spark or consciousness. If that does exist then it must go somewhere. But I know that wherever it goes is a place of no return. In a way I hope there is some kind of space where consciousnesses go after we die. Because then love can be eternal and all things do end well.


Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


6 thoughts on “Religion and Faith… beliefs

  1. John Accolade says:

    I think you should embrace the “atheist” label and be living proof of somebody who is a lovely person AND an atheist. Atheist stereotypes suck, and when you say “I’m an atheist” and people think negatively of you, then you can prove them wrong by just being the way you really are, and over time negative associations will fade (as they should).

    And all “atheism” is = not believing there’s a god so you do fit the bill.

  2. janeybgood says:

    Hi, I’m glad I stumbled across this.
    I’ve actually been planning on writing a post about my own religious beliefs (or lack of). Like you, I struggled to define a label but I guess the atheist cap fits best and I’m beginning to embrace that.
    The problem is, many of my followers and friends on this are deeply religious. I know you should never worry about offending people but so many people equate atheism with being completely morally bankrupt.
    I was raised by very conservative and devout Catholics and I teach at at school in Ireland where it would definitely not be okay to out myself as an atheist so only a few people in my life actually know. It’s great to see that you have the courage to write this, I commend you!

    • Writer X says:

      Awww sweetie thank you. I can understand how hard it is to explain ur beliefs to those who have a contrasting view. The best thing to do is tell a few supportive friends who u know will support u.

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