Self esteem…….or lack of it

Quick Note: This is a re-post of something I wrote a while ago. I have made some changes and want to re-post it. Enjoy šŸ™‚

I think it’s sad that no one feels good about themselves anymore. I don’t, my friends don’t and most people I have met don’t. Its like there is this niggling little voice implanted into each of our heads around the age of 10 that reminds us to hate ourselves. The worst thing is I don’t remember a time before this became normal, because I was born into this. I hate my self-hatred but I cant stop it. Because the truth is there is always going to be someone prettier, smarter and happier than you.

It’s like there is a set type that girls and boys my age have to fit into to be pretty or smart or any other trait that people wish to obtain. And if you don’t fit into it or you don’t think you do, then you get put on the ugly or stupid pile. The part of it all that hurts me most is when I hear, meet and am close with these beautiful (not just physically), amazing people who decide to hurt, starve and feel awful about themselves because they think they aren’t what society wants.

I hate that we have to live up to these unrealistic expectations and even though we know they aren’t real, we still want to live up to them. When I see little girls walking around with there mothers, all smiley and content, I just want to hand them a letter:

Not to be opened until your darkest, saddest most hopeless moment.

Dear girl,

I want you to know something. No matter what some stupid boy, girl or anyone else has said to you it isn’t true. No matter how you feel about yourself, someone loves you. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that you are perfect, no one is. But you are the embodiment of the perfection of imperfection. You are a good person no matter what happens. I hope that you can love yourself and find inner happiness that I never could.

I wrote you this letter because you need to know these things, because not many other people will tell you them. Too many people are shallow and untrustworthy and careless. And I hope that you can spread this message of love, because otherwise the world might just be doomed.

You are beautiful internally and externally.

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


8 thoughts on “Self esteem…….or lack of it

  1. moderndayprincess94 says:

    I’m just wandering around your blog, and I have something to say – Thank you. Thank you for writing what you do in the beautiful honesty of it all. Your writing techniques are wonderful. And you write things, that, well, things I need desperately to hear. From someone who isn’t my lover or family or someone I live with. Someone who doesn’t know my name and still cares.
    In short, thank you for writing. You’re changing others’ lives. For the better.

    • Writer X says:

      Thank you so much. I am literally crying because of what you said. I am so glad that you like my blog and want to hear more of what I have to say. Thank you so much….still crying haha

      • Writer X says:

        I’m crying with happiness dont worry. I cant believe people really want to listen to me on the internet. Its great to get feedback on my blog because sometimes i dont know if what i write is good or not šŸ™‚

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