Just because….I am a girl.

Just because I can have a child, I have to have a child.

Just because I have breasts, I am someone you can objectify.

Just because I bleed once a month, I have to hide it.

Just because I have hair on my legs, I have to remove it.

Just because I’m not stick thin, I have to work out and starve myself.

Just because I have a crush on you, I have to play hard to get.

Just because I am not societies perception of perfection, I have to change.

Just because of one chromosome, I am a girl.

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


5 thoughts on “Just because….I am a girl.

    • Writer X says:

      Sorry I know this was from ages ago but I just wanted to respond. I totally agree, and I hate the fact that just because of my 2 X chromosomes I have to deal with this. This is not how the world should be

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