Feminism….yes I said it

So I am going to be blunt. I am a feminist. And you wanna know something, I’m proud of it. Now to all of you who are somehow offended and think feminism is shocking please sit down before I cause you to have heart palpitations. I am a teenage 21st century feminist and want to explain my style of feminism to you.

Most people probably imagine feminists as butch, bra free, unshaven and generally extremist women. But the truth is you don’t have to look, act or be like that to be a feminist. Feminism is a way of thinking, and even within the large umbrella term of feminism everyone has different views on certain subjects. However the main things that I think most feminism agree on are; the sexualisation of women needs to stop, women deserve more rights in day to day life and slut shaming needs to stop. In this post I am going to address these points from my point of view.

I have been wolf whistled around 3 times in my life and had comments of a sexual nature made to me around 5 times. And the truth is it makes me want to be sick. The first time I was wolf whistled it actually felt kind of nice. I was wearing sheer disco leggings and my favorite top. It didn’t feel that bad because I viewed it as the clothes that were getting me attention, and it was my favorite outfit so I also felt proud I had picked out something a boy would like. And a week or two later when I recalled and the incident to a friend I blamed my ‘slutty clothing’ for what had happened. Even as I type this I hate myself for thinking all those things. No woman should ever, ever feel like she should pick clothes that please men and nor should she blame the way she was dressed for the actions men take against her. These things already encourage the rape culture we are used to. Blame the victim because it is their fault for doing that, wearing that or having a ‘reputation’. I swear every time someone says, ‘ Well what can you expect, she has a reputation’ I want to cry. No victim should be made to feel like its their fault. There is nothing a woman can say or do for them to deserve to be sexually assaulted. It is your body you have every right to do what you like with it.

In 2012, women between 15 and 24 years old earned 88 cents for every dollar that men did. This is NOT fair. My ambition for my career is to work as a clinical or criminal psychologist. And on the day when interview for my first job my biggest fear is going to be what if someone else is better than me and I don’t get it. It is totally fair that if there are 2 candidates and one is a man and the other a woman, and the man is more qualified, for the employer pick the man. Fair dos, he is better qualified and has more experience than me. But when the interviewer is a complete misogynist who still believe the medieval idea that men are better than women it is definetly not fair!

Slut shaming. One second let me just take a few deep breaths before I scream. Please do NOT slut shame anyone. By calling a girl a slut you are making her feel bad about herself whilst simultaneously making yourself look like a stuck up arse. A woman’s sexual activities are none of your business. What has the name of the last guy she slept with got ANYTHING to do with you. It is bad for both a girl and boy to slut shame, but if a girl does it, it is somehow so much worse. But calling another girl a slut you are allowing men to think its OK for them to do the same. Women already get treated like pieces of meat for sale please, please, please don’t encourage this. Don’t slut shame because you allowing the world to become a worst place.

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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