What is the spare room…….and more about me

I have been asked by a few people why my blog is called ‘Thoughts from the spare room’. The answer isn’t very interesting. It isn’t some political message about how teenagers are put into the spare room of society, although that is true. Nor is it something to do with the thoughts from the spare room in my mind. It is actually a pretty literal name.

In the house I currently live in there are 4 and a half bedrooms. My parents room, my bedroom, 2 guest rooms and my little half room; The spare room. When we first moved in I was nearly 2 and my mum asked me what we should do with this spare room. *Quick side note – the reason why it is only half a bedroom is because you can only fit a small child’s bed in here. Why this room wasn’t used as my bedroom when I was little you ask. Because I’m a spoilt only child who had to have a large room haha.* So anyway, I replied that it should be my ‘play room’. My bedroom was never and isn’t a place for me to play, it is just where I sleep and dry my hair. I like it this way. So as I grew and ‘matured’ I started to do all my school work in the playroom. Around the age of 8, I grabbed a piece of A4 paper and wrote on it (in awful 8 year old handwriting):

My study.

Unfortunately it took my parents a while to start calling it by its new name but we got there eventually. However this summer I got sick of calling it a study. This room I am blogging from right now, is a lot more than just a study to me, it my space in the house.  My mother is a rather artsy woman who is AMAZING at interior design – you should see what Christmas is like in our house. So all the rooms have cream carpet with well designed furniture etc. Except for this room, which looks like a hell hole. But at least its my hell hole.

Leave any questions you want me to answer or comments below.

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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