PSHE can’t teach you everything…no matter how hard it tries

So today I had to spend another 25 minutes of my life being told by a woman twice my age that being promiscuous is a sin.

*Quick side note, nothing in this post is intended to offend and is totally my own opinion. Please respect that and leave your views in the comments*

Back to the story. So after 2 minutes of fiddling around with her laptop, my tutor turns on the projector and points to the word on the board. ‘Sex’ and half my class starts giggling like a load of 4 year olds on fizzy drinks. After the noise dies down we all listen to her talk about ‘being ready’, ‘knowing its ok’ and ‘contraceptiooooooooonnnnnnnnn’. Now this much I can handle, I know it is mandatory and they are just trying to inform me, despite the fact that I know about everything mentioned. But then she posses us a question:

‘Does having sex with lots of people make you a bad person?’

Many of the replies either yes or no. My tutor then states that ‘No, it does not make you a bad person, but it isn’t good decision making.’ This is the point at which I want to stand up and walk out.

My personal opinion is that we are each beings who, at a certain point in our lives have complete control of our bodies and we can do as we please with them. Admittedly this does not mean that everyone should go out, eat as much food as possible, sleep with everyone and start murdering as you please. But it means you have the choice to do these things and should know what is right and wrong in general terms and for yourself. It is your mind and your body and as long as you are informed you can make clear decisions for yourself. So my answer to this question is, no it does not make you a bad person in anyway, because you have the right to make this choice and shouldn’t have to be judged by everyone around you.

Well I must sign off before I go on a feminist rant.

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


3 thoughts on “PSHE can’t teach you everything…no matter how hard it tries

  1. mrsprickett says:

    Boy I remember that class like it was yesterday and I had felt the same way as you!!! I’m now twice your age with daughters half my age and guess what? They do get up and walk out on me when I give the talk on the same topic. Ha ha. That’s the circle of life.

    • writerx9 says:

      Haha yes, I don’t have any problem with people trying to help inform its just when you feel someones views pressed onto you. As long as the main message is you and only you control yourself, love yourself and respect yourself that’s the most important thing. Thank you for reading my post 🙂

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